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Are you fucking kidding me? Did we all just wake up in 1938?

The fuck is this?

Why is everybody surprised??  Jews were considered a separate ethnicity in the Soviet Union.  Your passport literally had “Jew” on it and it didn’t matter where you were born or that you didn’t self-identify as a Jew; if your parents were Jewish, you were Jewish.  Most other ethnicities were related to place of birth; Jews were an ethnicity without a “home” in the USSR because there was no actual location on a map to which their ethnicity was tied.  It was institutional antisemitism and discrimination.  I’m surprised it’s taken the uber racist/ bigoted/ sexist Ukrainians and Russians this long to bring this oldie back.  The Eastern Europeans (especially Ukrainians and Russians) are THE most racist individuals I have ever met (and I speak as a born and bred Russian)  Did you hear what the Russian and Ukrainian soldiers in Crimea were saying to some female western journalists?  ”Go back to your corrupt gay and Jewish employers, you prostitute!”  Oh, and they repeatedly threatened to rape them as well.

Welcome to Eastern Europe- At least we’re open about our bigotry; we hate you to your face.

Easter Europe: Come for the borscht, stay for the pogroms!






Instead of saying motherfucker you can just say Oedipus

Half our generation wouldn’t even understand that

yes you are right the thousands of notes on this post prove how ignorant our generation is. only you are intelligent. you are the chosen one.

only real Ancient Greek kids would understand

reblog if ur a tru 650BC kid


important discussion about the louvre: I went to the louvre this past summer and almost puked. why? because The Mona Lisa, a boring tiny portrait of some random unimportant chick, has crowds around it so thick that you can hardly see the painting. meanwhile, this painting, THE RAFT OF THE MEDUSA which is the coolest painting in the world and one of my all-time favorites and like when you see it in person your heart stops and you think you’re gonna die, has NO crowd around it. listen, this artist dragged drowned corpses from the morgue into his art studio so that he could paint them correctly. tell me that isn’t the coolest shit? it’s so cool. I’m so angry about people whose only knowledge of art is “the Mona Lisa is kinda cool” shut the hell up and get out of this art museum

^^This. The Mona Lisa is not that impressive, IMHO.  I’m awestruck by the paintings outside that room, including Raft of the Medusa, which is overwhelming.  And then there’s The Sleep of Endymion by Anne-Louis Girodet De Roucy-Trioson.  My favorite painting in the museum. I never miss an opportunity to see it.

There is too much treasure at the Louvre to squander your time trying to get a glimpse of a tiny, dark portrait of a woman.

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